IKEBANA - Enchanting Florals

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Whats inside the pack?

Rose Cinnamon Black Tea 20 ...

Whats inside the pack?

Rose Cinnamon Black Tea 20 g
Sweet Dreams Herbal Tea 20 g
 Hibiscus Bliss Green Tea 20 g

Ikebana is a Japanese art of flower arrangement. This edition has the myriad hues of flowers that are beautifully blended with the rich earthy tones emeralds of the fresh tea by our artisan blenders. This one is sure to soothe your eyes and excite your palate. The teas when brewed will lead you to the gardens and engage you in a calming experience.

Sweet Dreams Herbal Tea

Mellow chamomile lightens mood first glimpse of the morning

Hibiscus Bliss Green Tea

Enjoy blissful aromas hibiscus, liquorice and
green tea cascade around your senses.

Rose Cinnamon Black Tea

A refreshingly bright cup with the mild fragrance of rose and spices.


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