Brain Protector Rosemary Herbal Tea

Rs. 440
Rs. 299

Rosemary tea is regarded as the one of the most popular leaves tea offering a delightful and pleasant taste. A soothing floral caffeine free infusion created from organically grown pure Rosemary leaves. Pure Rosemary enhances memory and concentration & helps in prevent brain aging. We are bringing in a way that gala the art of drinking tea, aiming at mould the way you drink tea, one cup at a time. When we began working with tea, we spent days, blending different teas, and organic herbs from Himalayas to bring out the best flavors and benefits that are found in the plant. At HerbganiQ, we believe that the exposure of drinking tea is one that is peaceful, filled with moment of calmness and reflection. Through our exclusive variety of teas, we want to present tea as an essential element for responsible, soulful and healthy living. HerbganiQ connects you with your best-loved drink- tea.


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